Energy Efficient Glass

Our Glass is 22% More Effective than Standard Double Glazing.

Why replace your entire window when you can replace the glass for a fraction of the cost.

We supply and fit Europe’s best-selling range of high performance low-E glass.

What is Low-E

Low-E glass has a microscopic coating that reflects heat back into the room. Heat from the sun passes through the glass from outside, and stays inside. It is the very latest advancements in thermally insulating glass coating technology to save you money on your energy bills.

Energy Efficient Glass delivers advanced thermal insulation performance for double and triple glazed windows, maximising heat retention and providing comfort all year round.

Where you may need Energy Efficient Glass

  • Living Room

Whether you’re relaxing on your own, or entertaining friends, the Living Room is usually the hub of the home and, therefore, a space that should be toasty and cosy.

  • Kitchen

The kitchen is the centre of every home, the place people spend most of their time, so is a place that should be warm and welcoming.

  • Bathroom

Your bathroom is a place to relax and pamper yourself. Energy Efficient Glass will help make your bathroom more comfortable.

  • Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you come to rest and sleep. Energy Efficient Glass will help make your bedroom more snug and relaxing.

  • Conservatory

Developed specifically for conservatory glazing applications, our ‘4 seasons’ glass provides year round comfort when used throughout the conservatory.

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Whatever you need from your windows, different products from our range can be selected to get the best results. You can also combine our products with many other Saint-Gobain Glass products, giving you the best overall comfort for you and your home.

22% savings are typical but each home will vary. Example is for a semi-detached, 3 bedroom UK home saving £179 per annum for an A rated window (source Glass & Glazing Federation and Energy Saving Trust) with an annual gas bill of £800 (source: Department of Energy and Climate Change).