Energy Saving Advice

If you’re interested in taking energy saving measures around the home, checkout our Energy Saving Advice below, which we hope will help you save some money.

With regards your windows, in particular, the best way to find out if energy savings are possible is to have an Energy Saving Survey carried out to assess the energy rating of your current glass. From there you will find out if investing in new glass will benefit you and save you money.

To arrange a Survey click here.

Here’s some other ways you can save energy around the home:

  • Switch off standby. Switch off at the wall – The Energy Savings Trust states that up to £80 a year us wasted in the home due to appliances left on standby
  • Don’t run water continuously when doing the dishes
  • Only boil the water you need in the kettle – Only boiling the amount of water you need, say enough for two cups of coffee, means your kettle will take less time to boil therefore using less energy
  • Do one less cycle of washing each week
  • Get out the shower sooner – do you really need to spend forever in the shower? Shorter showers use less water, therefore use less energy. If you really need to spend that half an hour in the shower then why not compromise and have shorter showers and consider having a bath once a week instead?
  • Draught proof – up to 35% of heat is lost through un-insulated walls
  • Install a room thermostat to better control room temp – by controlling the temperature throughout your house you could save money on energy bills
  • Switch to LED bulbs – LED lights save around 80% of electrical power compared to incandescent bulbs and, on average, last much longer
  • Turn off lights – turning off lights in the day time when they’re not needed and in rooms you’re not using can be significantly more efficient